"Laboratory of the Future. Kinetic Art in Russia" at Tretyakov State Gallery and Manege Hall.
Two expositions dedicated to the retrospect and contemporary of Russian kinetism.
Organizers: Triumph gallery, ROSIZO.
2020. Tretyakov State Gallery, Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow, St. Petersburg. Russia.

Solo exhibition of Platon Infante and Daria Konovalova-Infante “20.02.20“ at Krokin Gallery
The exhibition "20.02.20" plays with the theme of Time.
Сurator: Alexander Petrovichev.
2020. Krokin gallery. Moscow. Russia.

“Dis<>Order” at Nadja Brykina gallery
“Dis<>Order” is Russian-Swiss exhibition project about order and disorder in geometric contemporary art.
Сurator: Anna Brykina.
2019. Nadja Brykina Gallery. Moscow. Russia.

“InOuter” exhibition at The State Institute for Art Studies.
The phenomenon of the edge between the inner and outer spaces of the art object is seen at the exhibition both at the level of the choice of works by four Russian contemporary artists and at the level of the architectural solution of the exposition.
Сurators: Platon Infante, Daria Konovalova-Infante
2019. The State Institute for Art Studies. Moscow. Russia.

Multimedia installation by Platon Infante dedicated to Cervantes’s Don Quixote at AZ Museum
Interactive multimedia installation at exhibition "Attack of Don Quixotes".
Сurators: Polina Labochevskaya, Natalya Opaleva.
2017. AZ Museum. Moscow. Russia.

As an artist, Platon Infante (Platon Infante-Arana) is interested in the edge between the different dimensions of reality. For example, what can happen on the border between virtual (artificial) and real (natural) worlds, how they can interpret each other for now.
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